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Session 2 Prework

Fred November 21, 2022

Hello, here is an example of the type of communications we send out for the prework section of the coaching plans.

TA Coaches Growth Session 2 Prework

Hello ,

Thanks for filling out the prework!  It is really helpful and makes the session run a lot smoother! I am looking forward to this session; it is your 1st time in the coaching program, so I am excited. You’ve grown so much since we first started.  I hope you can see the growth as much as I have.  I also hope you are finding this experience helpful.

If this has inspired you, please share it with others in the coaching group!  Seeing others succeed is often very inspiring.  Especially your peers!

Continue to be the superstar you are.  Here is an inspirational video for a boost to resilience!

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