Why Coaching?


Sometimes you just need a little lift to get over the fence. We provide guidance and support through regular coaching to keep you inspired and on track.


Our coaches are compassionate and empathetic, but very honest. They will provide unbiased helpful counsel to move programs from good to great!


Our alumni credit our compassionate coaching programs as one of the most effective factors for their success in the program.

Features to start


Our online learning system will allow you to track your coaching journey.


All of your resources or exercises given to you by your coach can be found here in your coachjing profile

Ongoing Dialogue

Communicate with your coach throughout your coaching program with online messaging and group chats.

Our Coaching Staff

Schedule time with our Strength’s and Growth Coaches

Julie Sesser

Strengths Coach

Fred Jones

Growth Coach

Our Commitment to You

Our goal as coaches is to hold space for you to become your best self.  We do this through honest dialogue and a commitment to always keeping your best developmental interests at heart as we guide you to a deeper understanding of your strengths and opportunities for growth.