The Art of Facilitation
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Learning the Basics

A fundamental piece of your leadership development is learning how to be a good facilitator. Knowing how to navigate through a continuous Quality Improvement Cycle for your  team requires the ability to make sure all voices are included in the development of that plan.

We train our Fellows on 3 fundamental facilitation skills that enable them to be effective facilitators  and change agents in their communities.

Focused Conversations

Consensus building

Action Planning

Focused Conversations

Focused conversation is a conversation technique based on a specific method of  guided questioning. It helps people process information and reach their own thoughtful conclusions. 

The ORID Conversation Method

  • O- Observation
  • R- Reactions
  • I- Ideas
  • D- Decisions


Is a format for asking questions that moves a group from a surface level to a deep consideration of the topic

Builds effective communication by allowing everyone to contribute and encouraging respect for all viewpoints

Can be used with individuals (a sibling) or with groups (a team, class or friends)

Consensus Building

All Voices Heard

Consensus Building is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement in a group through an equitable decision making process.

The Consensus Workshop Method is used to:

Generate creativity & come to consensus in a short period of time

Gives the group a sense of responsibility

Builds ownership of the entire group’s decisions

Creates an energized and involved atmosphere that includes all perspectives at the table

Action Planning

The Action Planning Method

Action Planning

Action Planning  combines elements  of the focused conversation and consensus building methods  to help move a group through an inclusive and efficient process to create an actionable plan.