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Session 1 Prework

Fred November 21, 2022

Hello, here is the communication we send out for the prework section of the coaching plan.

In the prework section of their coaching plan, your coaching clients will be asked to look at the successes from the first session, the challenges they’ve faced since the beginning, and what they would like to work on in the first session.  We then sent this email as a response for encouragement.

TA Coaches Growth Session 1 Pre Work

Hello ,

Well, it looks like we are back!  Congratulations on successfully graduating from the program!I hope this message finds you well! 🌟 It’s great to reconnect with you as you embark on another coaching journey. Your dedication and progress so far have been truly inspiring, and I’m thrilled to continue supporting you in your growth.

Before we dive into our upcoming coaching session, here’s a little nudge to get things rolling:

Pre-Session Reminder:

📅 Schedule Your Coaching Session: I know life can get busy, but let’s prioritize your growth! Please take a moment to schedule our next coaching session. Just click the link below to pick a date and time that work best for you:

[Schedule Your Session](insert scheduling link)

Remember, these sessions are all about you, your goals, and your success. By scheduling your session, you’re taking a crucial step towards achieving your aspirations.

🎯 Set Clear Goals: As you prepare for our session, think about your objectives and what you’d like to accomplish. Having a clear sense of what you want to achieve will make our time together even more productive.

Please take a moment to think about the type of response you would like to send to your client, then fill out the form below.