About Us


Our Vision & Background

Inspired by the Instructional Leadership Corps, a professional development model developed by the California Teachers Association, the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education and the National Board Resource Center, this project provides professional development to site level leaders who work in California expanded learning programs (e.g. after school, summer learning, intersession). 

Designed by ASAPconnect, this leadership cohort intends to build the capacity of accomplished site level leaders, known as Technical Assistance (TA) Fellows. TA Fellows will be tasked with facilitating dialogue that inspires action to integrate the California Quality Standards for Expanded Learning at their sites and organizations to continuously improve the quality of their programs.

Our Inspiration

Throughout the years, California’s expanded learning field has supported site level leaders through numerous initiatives. At ASAPconnect we understood this, and for this reason we met with and brainstormed with the two other statewide technical assistance providers whom we consider Strategic Partners, California Afterschool Network and California School-Age Consortium, to discuss the following question:

Our Mission

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

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Our Leadership Team

Julie Sesser

Instructor / Teacher

ASAP Connect

Diego Arrancibia

Instructor / Teacher

ASAP Connect is an organization that works to help out-of-school-time professionals support youth growth opportunities through the promotion of collaboration

Julie Groll

Instructor / Teacher

California Afterschool Network

Tiffany Gipson

Instructor / Teacher

Troy Selvey

Instructor / Teacher

The purpose of the California AfterSchool Network is to increase access to high-quality out-of-school time programs that support success for all children and youth.

Expanded learning Solutions

Providing learning management solutions and consulting for organizations providing support to families . We help adults and children learn more, learn faster and learn better.

Fred Jones

Instructor / Teacher