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“Transformation happens when role models become real models”

We are honored to play a role in the development of the leaders of tomorrow.  Our mission is to embolden change by building their capacity and empowering them to stand in their truth and know their worth. 

We do this by creating a leadership cohort of accomplished site leaders known as Technical Assistance (TA) Fellows.  These fellows are tasked with facilitating dialogue that inspires action to integrate the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning at their sites and organizations to continuously improve the quality of their programs.

Future Leaders of Tommorow

Why You Should Join Us

School Features

Accomplished Leadership

Our faculty and staff represents decades of experience in the Expanded Learning field. They provide invaluable expertise and access to many resources unavailable to most site leads.

Transformational Experience

Our track record speaks for itself. Our alumni represent some of the best and brightest in the Expanded Learning field and those success stories continue to grow with each cohort.

Join Our Family

If you ask our graduates they will say that the relatiosnhips they developed through this process have proven to be invaluable. We believe in building a diverse community of inclusion, and equity so that all are welcome.

What Makes Us Unique

There are many amazing leadership programs available to site leads.  What makes our program unique is teh customized care and innovative support systems that we have developed to make sure our fellows are actively engaged and supported.

STipends for participation

Because of the time commitment and our belief in honoring the value of your work, we provide participatory stipends to all Fellows.

hands-on learning

We provide ongoing professional development in powerful leadership strategies such as mindfulness, and coaching.

Strength development

Each participant will receive strength's training and coaching with our own certified Gallup Strength coach. They will also receive Growth coaching to help them navigate the entire process.

You Will Learn


Focused Conversations

Focused conversation is a conversation technique based on a specific method of  guided questioning. It helps people process information and reach their own thoughtful conclusions. 


Consensus Building

Consensus Building is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement in a group through an equitable decision making process.


Action Planning

Action Planning  combines elements  of the focused conversation and consensus building methods  to help move a group through an inclusive and efficient process to create an actionable plan.

Join Our Alumni Family

Words can’t express how proud we are of our Alumni. Many have continued to blossom in the Expanded Learning Field while others have gone on to become Administrators, Coaches, and Directors of Expanded Learning programs.